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Output has edged up

In this round, enterprises in Norges Bank’s regional network report that output has risen slightly and at a somewhat faster pace than in the previous round. Output has risen most in the export industry and domestically oriented manufacturing, but manufacturing output levels are low. Persistently low order intake is resulting in falling activity among suppliers to the oil industry. Developments in building and construction, retail trade and services were approximately unchanged since the previous round. Network enterprises expect output to continue to edge up ahead.

Overall levels of investment and employment are expected to remain stable, although prospects vary somewhat across industries.

Contacts’ first estimates of wage growth in 2010 are slightly below 3½ per cent, which is very close to their estimates for 2009.

295 enterprises reported in this round. Interviews were conducted in November.

Report from the regional network 2009/4


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Published 11 December 2009 10:15