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New 5-krone coin in circulation on Tuesday

On Tuesday, 15 September, Norges Bank will put a new 5-krone coin into circulation. Like the new 1-krone coin, the 5-krone coin is composed of cupro-nickel. It is smaller than the current 5-krone coin and is holed.

Head Cashier Sylvi Johansen at Norges Bank says that the 5-krone coin is the final addition to the new series which started 1 November 1994 with the new 20-krone coin.

"The introduction of the new 5-krone coin completes the new Norwegian coin series. We now have a completely new, harmonised coin series we hope the public will appreciate. The new coins are about 25 per cent lighter than the old ones, which makes them more practical to use," she says.

When developing the new coin series, the central bank consulted the Consumer Council, the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted, and the Norwegian Pensioners' Association. These parties all strongly recommended that the 1-and 5-krone coins appear in a holed version.

The new 5-krone coin was designed by Ingrid Austlid Rise, Chief Engraver of the Royal Norwegian Mint. The coin's obverse shows the Grand Cross with Chain of the Order of St Olav. The text at the top of the coin reads KONGERIKET I NOREG (Kingdom of Norway). The symbol of the order is flanked by the crossed pick and hammer mintmark of the Royal Norwegian Mint and the initials of the director of the mint, JEJ (Jan Erik Johansen).

The reverse features ornamentation inspired by the leaves of the acanthus plant, in the style of the Norwegian wood carver Ole Moene (1839-1908), with intertwined tendrils between the leaves. The denomination, 5, appears above the motif. The mint year and the inscription KRONER appear below. To the right of the ornamentation are the initials, IAR, of Ingrid Austlid Rise, chief engraver.

The diameter and thickness of the coin are 26 mm and 2 mm, respectively. The coin weighs 7.85 g and has a milled edge.

The old 5-krone coin will cease to be legal tender in the first half of the year 2000. Norges Bank will continue to redeem the old coin until the first half of 2010.


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Published 11 September 1998 00:00