Norges Bank

Circular 6/2013

Auction calendar and plan for government bonds and Treasury bills in fourth quarter 2013


To financial institutions and members of Oslo Børs.

See also circular no. 10/20 December 2012. There are not any changes in the auction calendar.

In the fourth quarter of 2013 the government plans to borrow between NOK 8 billion and NOK 12 billion in the government bond market, and between NOK 10 and 12 billion in the Treasury bill market. This means that the financing requirement of NOK 70 billion in long-term loans in the market in 2013 is reduced to NOK 62 billion.

If market conditions or other circumstances relating to the government's financing requirement change substantially in the course of 2013, the planned issue volumes of both government bonds and Treasury bills may be changed without prior notice or justification.

Auctions of government bonds and Treasury bills may be cancelled or supplemented with ad hoc issues.


Published 30 September 2013 14:00
Edited 15:03