Norges Bank

Auction calendar for F-auctions with non-standard settlement dates (t+2)* and/or terms

Please note that this is not a complete auction calendar. For more information on F-loans with non-standard settlement date, see Norges Bank Circular 5/2016.

Auction Type  Auction date Settlement date Maturity date Comment
F-loan 13.02.2020 17.02.2020   Tax
F-loan 12.03.2020 16.03.2020   Tax
F-loan** 31.03.2020 31.03.2020 01.04.2020 Quarter-end
F-loan 07.04.2020 14.04.2020   VAT
F-loan 08.04.2020 15.04.2020   Tax
F-loan 13.05.2020 15.05.2020   Tax
F-loan 08.06.2020 10.06.2020   VAT
F-loan** 30.06.2020 30.06.2020 01.07.2020 Quarter-end
F-loan 13.07.2020 15.07.2020   Tax
F-loan 11.09.2020 15.09.2020   Tax
F-loan** 30.09.2020 30.09.2020 01.10.2020 Quarter-end
F-loan 08.10.2020 12.10.2020   VAT
F-loan 12.11.2020 16.11.2020   Tax
F-loan 08.12.2020 10.12.2020   VAT
F-loan** 31.12.2020 31.12.2020 04.01.2021 Year-end

* Subject to change. The auction calendar is based on the annual structural liquidity forecast. Since there is considerable uncertainty regarding the forecast, the auction calendar may be changed during the year. An updated calendar is published every Monday and Thursday. Other auctions will have settlement t+0 and will follow the structural liquidity forecast.

** The interest rate is the key policy rate plus 15 basis points. Norges Bank will fully allot all bids. Bids must be submitted by 4:10 pm. Allotted reserves will not be withdrawn. All other market operations will be conducted as normal.

Edited 16 December 2019 10:00