Research at Norges Bank encompasses theoretical and empirical research related to monetary policy, financial markets, asset management and the development and use of macroeconomic models.

Sample of publications:

  • Combined Density Nowcasting in an uncertain economic environment in Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, by Knut Are Aastveit, Herman van Dijk and Francesco Ravazzolo
  • Econometric regime shifts and the US subprime bubble in Journal of Applied Econometrics, by Andre Kallåk Anundsen
  • Arbitrage in the Foreign Exchange Market: Turning on the Microscope in Journal of International Economics, by Farooq Akram, Dagfinn Rime and Lucio Sarno
  •  How Financial Incentives Induce Disability Insurance Recipients to Return to Work,
    American Economic Review, Andreas Ravndal Kostøl and Magne Mogstad
  • Equilibrium unemployment: Testing steady-state implications for the NAIRU in Review of Economics and Statistics, by Gunnar Bårdsen and Ragnar Nymoen
  • Investment Shocks and Consumption in European Economic Review, by Francesco Furlanetto and Martin Seneca
  • Boom or gloom? Examining the Dutch disease in two-speed economies in Economic Journal, by Leif Anders Thorsrud and Hilde Bjørnland
  • Dynamic Expectation Formation in the Foreign Exchange Market in Journal of International Money and Finance, by Saskia ter Ellen, Willem F.C. Verschoor and Remco C.J. Zwinkels
  • 'Interest rate trap', or: Why does the central bank keep the policy rate too low for too long? in Scandinavian Journal of Economics, by Jin Cao and Gerhard Illing
Published 9 April 2008 15:52
Kasper Roszbach
Research Director


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Norges Bank's PhD internship program is directed toward PhD-students who are specializing within macro-economics. Internships will normally last three months. Interns are expected to collaborate closely with other researchers at Norges Bank, with the aim to pursue a project until publication in an academic journal.

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