Research at Norges Bank focuses on issues of relevance for monetary policy and financial stability.

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Sample of key publications

  • Information Sharing and Information Acquisition, by Artashes Karapetyan and Bogda Stacescu. Review of Finance.
  • The Margins of Multinational Production and the Role of Intrafirm Trade, by Alfonso A. Irarrazabal, Andreas Moxnes and Luca David Opromolla. Journal of Political Economy.
  • Time-varying Combinations of Predictive Densities using Nonlinear Filtering, by Monica Billio, Roberto Casarin, Francesco Ravazzolo and Herman K. van Dijk. Journal of Econometrics.
  • Stock Market Liquidity and the Business Cycle, by Randi Næs, Bernt-Arne Ødegaard and Johannes Skjeltorp, Journal of Finance.
  • Voting When the Stakes are High, by Jørgen Andersen, Jon Fiva and Gisle Natvik, Journal of Public Economics.
  • Arbitrage in the Foreign Exchange Market: Turning on the Microscope, by Farooq Akram, Dagfinn Rime and Lucio Sarno. Journal of International Economics.
  • How Strong is the Case for Macroeconomic Real Wage Rigidity?, by Steinar Holde and Fredrik Wullfsberg. Journal of Monetary Economics.
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Edited 7 November 2014 12:28
Farooq Akram
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PhD internships

Norges Bank's PhD internship program is directed toward PhD-students who are specializing within macro-economics. Internships will normally last three months. Interns are expected to collaborate closely with other researchers at Norges Bank, with the aim to pursue a project until publication in an academic journal.

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