Norges Bank

Workshop on central bank business surveys

19 and 20 August, 2010 in Oslo.

Norges Bank welcomes all central banks to this workshop focusing on business surveys carried out by central banks.

Many central banks now carry out business surveys to gather intelligence on the national economy. These survey programmes go by many different names, such as the Beige Book (Federal Reserve), the Business Outlook Survey (Bank of Canada), the Bank of England’s Agencies and the Business Liaison Program (Reserve Bank of Australia). But the purpose and approach are much the same.

The number of central banks with a business survey programme has increased rapidly over the last decade. This workshop aspires to be an arena for sharing knowledge and experiences among central banks. We welcome both central banks with a currently running survey programme and central banks that aim to start this kind of survey in the future.

On Day 1 of the workshop we encourage participating banks to present the main characteristics of their business survey programme. Day 2 will be dedicated to more in-depth presentations on findings, experiences, methods etc. And we will set aside time on both days for discussions on topics of particular interest.

Institutions attending:

Bank of Canada
Bank of England
Central Bank of Chile
Central Bank of Malaysia
Central Bank of Montenegro
Federal reserve Bank of Atlanta
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Sveriges Riksbank
Swiss National Bank
Norges Bank

Published 25 March 2010 17:46
Edited 6 October 2010 13:28