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Status codes

The service returns the following HTTP status codes:
200 Ok The query was processed and data has been returned. 
400 Syntax error There are syntactic or semantic issues with parameters passed to the service. 
404 No results found No results matched the query.
500 Internal server error There is an issue with the service. Try again later. 
501 Not implemented The requested functionality has not been implemented. 
503 Service unavailable The service is temporarily unavailable. Try again later. 


The format of returned data can be specified with HTTP content negotiation (as an alternative to specifying it in the query string with the format parameter). The following formats are supported: 
SDMX-ML 2.1 Generic application/vnd.sdmx.genericdata+xml;version=2.1
SDMX-ML 2.1 Structure Specific application/vnd.sdmx.structurespecificdata+xml;version=2.1
SDMX-JSON application/;version=1.0.0-cts
CSV text/csv (periods as rows) or text/csv-ts (periods as columns)
CSV optimized for pivot tables application/;version=1.0.0
SDMX-ML Structure format (Metadata) application/vnd.sdmx.structure+xml;version=2.1

Generic MIME types (application/json,application/xml) are supported and always point to the latest version of the respective SDMX formats. It is recommended to use the specific MIME types in the table above to avoid issues when new versions are made available. 


  • The service supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
  • The SDMX Technical Working Group has published a "cheat sheet"  which summarises the main points of the SDMX 2.1 RESTful API.
Published 19 May 2017 13:00


Feel free to send feedback and questions to the following email address:

Published 19 May 2017 13:00