Norges Bank

API changes

8 September 2017:

You should be aware that some of the changes will break your existing integrations against the Exchange Rate (EXR) dataflow. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause you. Once we are out of beta these kinds of disruptions will handled by versioning the API and will not break your existing code.

Key changes:

  • The Exchange Rate dataflow (EXR) now correctly lists quote and base currencies in accordance with industry norm. For example the CHF monthly rate is now identified with M.CHF.NOK.SP instead of M.NOK.CHF.SP. The response also reflects this change.
  • The Excel response format will now return a proper .xlsx file and not a .zip.
  • A "saveAs" URL parameter has been added so you can specify the filename of the response.
  • An option has been added for configuring the CSV return format to return "flat" observations where each observation is a row in the returned CSV. This setting is enabled by setting the "Axis for time" option to "flat" as in format= csv-:-comma-true-flat. This will return a comma separated flat file with codes and names for dimensions and attributes separated by colons.
Published 11 September 2017 10:45