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Old files are deleted - retrieve data from API

On Monday 14 September, Norges Bank will stop offering the old way of retrieving exchange rates and everyone must now switch to retrieve data from our API.

Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to maintain two solutions for a long time, so we will stop the old solution on Monday 14 September 2020. This applies to retrieving data from url with this format, where you retrieve exchange rates:

The same applies to data for year and month. This also applies to Excel files, for example:

Retrieve data from API

We have now had the API available for a few years and have also launched a query builder where you can easily create your own queries to retrieve exchange rates and interest rate statistics for your own systems.

Go to Query builder


Published 19 November 2020 13:24


Feel free to send feedback and questions to the following email address:

Published 19 November 2020 13:24