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New json format

The sdmx-json format goes from beta to official format. This involves some important changes.

At a production launch on September 9, the official format for sdmx-json was made available. The format has so far been in "beta", but the official format is now ready and made available to users of our API. This means a breaking change for everyone who uses this, therefore we will have a gradual transition to the new format.

The new format is available if you use the querystring parameter «format = sdmx-new-json». If you use "format = sdmx-json" it still gives the old format. This way you can test the new format and start using it when you want.

The biggest change is that in the new format the root elements are called "meta" and "data.datasets" instead of "header" and "datasets". For a full description of the format, see the Sdmx Technical-Working-Group.

From 25 November, the new format will become standard. If you use «format = sdmx-json» you will then get a breaking change. If "format = sdmx-new-json" is used, you will not notice any change. In January 2021, we will remove "format = sdmx-new-json" so that only "format = sdmx-json" is available.

Published 19 November 2020 13:04


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Published 19 November 2020 13:04