Norges Bank

Research seminars 2022

Tuesday 1 March 

Lars Svensson (Stockholm School of Economics)

Tuesday 22 March 

Theresa Kuchler (NYU)

Monday 28 March 

Annette Vissing-Jørgensen (Federal Reserve Board and UC Berkeley) 

Tuesday 5 April 

Silvia Miranda-Agrippino (Bank of England)

Monday 25 April

Daniel Wilson (SF FED)

Monday 2 May

Thomas Lubik (Richmond FED)

Monday 9 May - May 13

Domenico Giannone (University of Washington and CEPR) and Giorgio Primiceri (Northwestern University, CEPR and NBER)    Training School

Wednesday 18 May

Cooper Howes (Kansas City FED)

Thursday 19 May

Diana Bonfim (Bank of Portugal)

Tuesday 24 May 

Michael Ehrmann (ECB)

Wednesday 25 May

Pablo Gueron-Quintana (Boston College)

Tuesday 31 May

Falk Braeuning (FED Boston)

Tuesday 7 June  

Francesco D'Acunto (Boston College)

Tuesday 7 June

Michael Weber (Chicago Booth)

Wednesday 8 June

Michael Bordo (Rutgers)

Monday 13 June

Larry Ball 

Monday 20 June

Ricardo Correa (FED Board)

Tuesday 9 August

Eric Ghysels (UNC)

Tuesday 16 August

Rodney Ramcharan (USC)

Monday 23 August

Jens Christensen (SF FED)

Monday 30 August

Andreas Fuster (Swiss Finance Institute)

Tuesday 6 September

Michael McCracken (St. Louis Fed)

Tuesday 6 September 

Galina Hale (UCSC)

Tuesday 20 September

Ralf Meisenzahl (Chicago FED) 

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