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Research economists at Norges Bank regularly publish articles in books or academic journals. The articles are subjected to rigorous quality control by referees before publication.

Forthcoming articles

Ellen, S. ter, E. Jansen, and N. L. Midthjell: "ECB spillovers and domestic monetary policy effectiveness in small open economies", forthcoming, European Economic Review.

McAlinn, K., Aastveit, K. A., Nakajima, J. and M. West, "Multivariate Bayesian Predictive Synthesis in Macroeconomic Forecasting", forthcoming, Journal of American Statistical Association.

Furlanetto, F., Sveen, T. and L. Weinke, "Technology and the Two Margins of Labor Adjustment: A New Keynesian Perspective", forthcoming, Berkley Electronic Journal of Macroeconomics.

Bjørnland, H.C., Thorsrud, L.A. and R. Torvik, "Dutch Disease Dynamics Reconsidered", forthcoming, European Economic Review.

Bjørnland, H.C., Thorsrud, L.A. and S.K.  Zahiri, "Do central banks respond timely to developments in the global economy?"  forthcoming, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics.

Bjørnland H. C. and L. A. Thorsrud, "Commodity prices and fiscal policy design: Procyclical despite a rule", forthcoming, Journal of Applied Econometrics.

Wold E. G. and R. Juelsrud, "Risk-Weighted Capital Requirements and Portfolio Rebalancing", forthcoming, Journal of Financial Intermediation.

Aastveit, K.A., A.K. Anundsen and E.I Herstad, "Residential Investment and recession predictability", forthcoming, International Journal of Forecasting.

Anundsen, A. K., "Detecting imbalances in house prices: What goes up must come down?", forthcoming in Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Anundsen, A.K.  and E. Røed Larsen, “Testing for micro efficiency in the housing market”, forthcoming, International Economic Review.

Larsen, V. H. and L. A. Thorsrud, “The value of news for economic developments”, forthcoming, Journal of Econometrics.

Furlanetto, F., Ravazzolo, F. and Sarferaz, S., "Identification of financial factors in economic fluctuations",. Economic Journal, forthcoming.

Bergholt, D., V. H. Larsen and M. Seneca, "Business cycles in an oil economy", Journal of International Money and Finance, forthcoming.

Jin Cao, Valeriya Dinger, Anna Grodecka-Messi, Ragnar Juelsrud and Xin Zhang, "The interaction between macroprudential and monetary policies: The cases of Norway and Sweden", Review of International Economics, forthcoming.

Matthieu Bussière, Jin Cao, Jakob de Haan, Robert Hills, Simon Lloyd, Baptiste Meunier, Justine Pedrono, Dennis Reinhardt, Sonalika Sinha, Rhiannon Sowerbutts, and Konstantin Styrin, "The interaction between macroprudential policy and monetary policy: Overview", Review of International Economics, forthcoming.

Jin Cao and Gerhard Illing, "Money in the equilibrium of banking", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, forthcoming.

Jin Cao and Ragnar E. Juelsrud, "Opacity and risk-taking: Evidence from Norway", Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming.

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