Norges Bank

Evaluating Monetary Policy

Norges Bank's Conference on Monetary Policy 2006

30 March 2006


Welcoming address, Deputy Governor Jarle Bergo

Assessment of monetary policy, Deputy Governor Rachel Lomax, Bank of England and Deputy Governor Irma Rosenberg, Sveriges Riksbank

Communication, money and monetary policy, Head of division Huw Pill, ECB

Challenges to the new conventional wisdom in monetary policy: the surprising fragility of the theoretical foundations of inflation targeting, Professor Willem Buiter, London School of Economics

Monetary policy in Norway, Governor Svein Gjedrem

Monetary policy in Norway and Sweden, Kevin Daly and Fiona Lake, Goldman Sachs

The outlook for monetary policy in Norway, Michael Saunders, Citigroup


Closing remarks, Governor Svein Gjedrem

Published 29 December 2005 12:46