Norges Bank

Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway

Norges Bank Conference

Bogstad Gård, 7 June 2005


Norges Bank is arranging a conference on historical monetary statistics at Bogstad Gård on Tuesday, 7 June. Bogstad Gård will provide a special setting for the conference and the celebration of the dissolution of Norway's union with Sweden.

Jan F. Qvigstad, Executive Director of Norges Bank Monetary Policy and Chief Economist, will take a closer look at 500 years of price history in Norway. Price stability is the norm. The characteristic features of periods with high inflation and with deflation will be considered in more detail. Professor Ola Grytten, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, will present wage statistics going back to the 1730s. Professor Lars Jonung, who works at the EU Commission, will provide an account of the Scandinavian currency union from the early 1870s. Historian and author Bård Frydenlund will talk about business development and investments prior to 1814 in Christiania and the surrounding area, with special emphasis on Peder Anker and his time.



Part I

Moderator: Jarle Bergo, Deputy Governor

Price stability is not self-generating
Opening address by Svein Gjedrem, Governor Norges Bank

500 years of price history
Price stability is the norm. What distinguishes the abnormal?

Jan F. Qvigstad, Executive Director and Chief Economist, Norges Bank

Historical wage statistics 1730-2004 (in Norwegian)
Professor Ola H. Grytten, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration and Norges Bank

The Scandinavian currency union (in Swedish)
Professor Lars Jonung, research adviser, European Commission, EU

Part II

Bogstad and Peder Anker - business investments in a historical perspective (in Norwegian)
Bård Frydenlund, historian and writer

The dissolution of the Norwegian-Swedish union. Should we mark 7 June? (in Norwegian)
Professor Aanund Hylland, University of Oslo, Department of Economics, and Norges Bank

Published 6 June 2005 10:44