Norges Bank

Banking Crisis Resolution - Theory and Policy

Conference organised by Norges Bank (The central bank of Norway) 16-17 June 2005 in Oslo

Thursday June 16

Welcoming remarks
Svein Gjedrem, Governor, Norges Bank

Session 1: Banking crisis resolution in perspective

A Norwegian perspective on banking crisis resolution
Kristin Gulbrandsen, Norges Bank

A Japanese perspective on banking crisis resolution
Hiroshi Nakaso, Bank of Japan

Session 2: Cross country experience with banking crisis resolution

Stylized facts of banking crisis resolution
Patrick Honohan, World Bank

Managing systemic banking crises
Luis Cortavarria, IMF

Session 3: The role of central banks in banking crisis resolution

LLR policies - which role for the central bank in crisis resolution?
Jean-Charles Rochet, Université Sciences Sociales, Toulouse

How much financial strength information do central banks need?
Claudio Borio, BIS

LLR - with or without collateral?
David Longworth, Bank of Canada

Any role for central bank LLR without taxpayer's money involved?
Charles Goodhart, LSE

Friday June 17

Session 4: Banking crisis resolution - lessons learnt
Franklin Allen, Wharton Business School

Session 5: Blanket guarantees - a necessary resolution tool?

The IMF view
Stefan Ingves, IMF

Alternatives to blanket guarantees
Edward Kane, Boston College

Session 6: Alternatives to closing and liquidating failed banks

Government ownership of banks - the Norwegian experience
Jarle Bergo, Norges Bank

Bridge banks - the US experience
Jack Reidhill, FDIC

Session 7: Large banks in small countries - challenges for crisis resolution

A central bank perspective on large banks and crisis resolution
Peter Praet, The National Bank of Belgium

Crisis resolution of large banks in small countries
David Mayes, Bank of Finland

Crisis resolution and foreign owned banks
Robert A. Eisenbeis, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and George G. Kaufman, Loyola University of Chicago

Closing remarks
Svein Gjedrem, Governor, Norges Bank


Published 21 April 2005 10:17