Norges Bank

Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway, 1819-2003

Friday June 11 2004, 09.00-17.45 at Norges Bank


Press seminar / workshop

Welcome address
Jan F. Qvigstad, Executive Director and Chief Economist, Norges Bank

Historical monetary statistics in an international perspective
Forrest Capie, Professor of Economic History, City University, London


Session I - Overview and perspectives

Historical statistics and monetary policy - overview and comments
Pierre Siklos, Professor of Economics, WLU, Ontario, Canada

Historical perspectives on financial stability - some observations
Andrew Filardo, Bank of International Settlement, Basel

Session II - Consumer prices, GDP indicators and interest rates
Comments by Lasse Sandberg, Statistics Norway (Grytten)
Comments by Olle Krantz, Umeå University, Sweden (Grytten)
Comments by Forrest Capie, City University, London (Klovland)

Session III - Money, credit and housing prices
Comments by Peter Englund, Stockholm School of Economics (Eitrheim and Erlandsen)

Concluding comments
Olle Krantz, Umeå University, Sweden

Published 21 April 2005 13:23