Guidelines - exchange of withdrawn banknotes and coins

Until further notice, the following withdrawn banknotes and coins will be exchanged by Norges Bank:

Series VII 100-krone note (portrait of Kirsten Flagstad) Exchanged free of charge through 30 May 2028
Series VII 200-krone note (portrait of Kristian Birkeland) Exchanged free of charge through 30 May 2028
Series IV banknotes (1948-76) Processing fee: NOK 250
Series V banknotes (1962-89) Processing fee: NOK 250 
Series VI banknotes (1977-99) Processing fee: NOK 250 
5-krone coins (1963-94) and 10-krone coins (1983-1991)  Processing fee: NOK 250
50-øre coins issued in the period 1996-2011 Exchanged free of charge through 30 April 2022

Norges Bank exchanges banknotes and coins at face value. Norges Bank will transfer the equivalent amount to your bank account, minus a processing fee if applicable.

Some denominations may have collector's value. A coin dealer will be able to advise you.

There are two alternatives for exchanging withdrawn banknotes and coins:

  1. You can have them deposited in a bank:
    Fill out the banknote exchange form and send the form and banknotes or deliver them in person to our main office in Oslo.
  2. You can exchange the old notes and coins for new ones (pertains only the Series VI 100-krone and 200-krone banknotes and 50-øre coins) by contacting Norges Bank's depots in Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Tromsø. Since new banknotes will not be exchanged for amounts in excess of NOK 10 000, you must send or deliver the form and banknotes as specified above.

Norges Bank will not exchange legal tender banknotes or coins.

Exchanging the withdrawn banknotes and coins:

  1. Complete the form for the exchange of withdrawn banknotes and coins electronically or by hand. If you complete the form by hand, use capital letters and write clearly.
  2. Write the name of the owner of the cash in item 1 of the form. The name of the account holder must be the same as the owner.
  3. If the payment is to be made to a foreign account, the IBAN and SWIFT code (BIC) must be provided.
  4. If you are exchanging NOK 10 000 or more, please enclose a photocopy of a valid form of identification. Valid forms of identification are (1) passport, (2) driver's licence or (3) bank card with photo.
  5. Specify the number of withdrawn banknotes and/or coins to be exchanged in item 2 of the form and the total amount in NOK.
  6. The reason why the withdrawn banknotes and/or coins were not exchanged earlier should be stated in item 3. Specific details about your health should not be included.
    It is not necessary to fill out item 3 if the exchange only involves Series VII 100-krone or 200-krone banknotes or copper alloy 50-øre coins issued in the period 1996-2011.
  7. If the exchange is part of the distribution of a decedent's estate, probate documents must be enclosed with the form as documentation.
  8. Item 5 (receipt) will be completed by Norges Bank if the form and the cash to be exchanged are delivered to Norges Bank's main office in Oslo.
  9. The completed form, the cash to be exchanged and any enclosures should be sent by post as an insured letter to Norges Bank or delivered at reception at Norges Bank's main office in Oslo.
    1. Forms and cash sent by post
      Please send your form and cash to:
      Norges Bank,
      Cashier's Department,
      PO Box 1179, Sentrum
      0107 Oslo

      Please enquire at a post office for information about the rules for and costs of sending money by post.
    2. Forms and cash delivered to reception at Norges Bank's main office in Oslo
      Street address: Bankplassen 2

      The form is available on request at reception. Opening hours: Monday through Friday, 9 am to 3 pm Close don Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and the day before Maundy Thursday.
      A receipt will be issued if the form and money are delivered in person.
  10. Norges Bank reserves the right to request further information under the Money Laundering Act and other relevant legislation.
  11. Funds in the amount to be paid for the exchange (minus the processing fee) will be transferred to the account indicated on the form, normally within two weeks.

For further information, please contact Norges Bank, Cashier's Department, on +47 901 48 659 (open on weekdays  between 9 am and 3 pm) or +47 22 31 60 00.
E-mail: or

Published 24 April 2015 18:00
Edited 29 May 2018 17:20

Form - withdrawn banknotes and coins

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