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Economic Bulletin

Economic Bulletin 4/2006

Economic Bulletin

Volume LXXVII December 2006

A retrospective on the introduction of prices in the Norwegian payment system (248 kB)
Asbjørn Enge and Grete Øwre

How large are the financial margins of Norwegian households? An analysis of micro data for the period 1987–2004 (285 kB)
Bjørn Helge Vatne

Benefits from securities markets and reforms in Norwegian securities legislation (235 kB)
Gunnvald Grønvik

Indicators for underlying inflation in Norway (1 MB)
Morten Jonassen and Einar Wøien Nordbø

Statistical annex (279 kB)

Economic Bulletin 4/2006 (complete issue) (2 MB)

Contents 2006 (144 kB)

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Published 25 January 2007 14:00
Published 25 January 2007 14:00