Norges Bank

Economic Bulletin

Economic Bulletin 4/2005


December 2005

Volume LXXVI


Norges Bank's role in cash distribution (PDF, 418 kB)
Trond Eklund, Leif Veggum and Ragnhild L. Solberg

What influences the number of bankruptcies? (PDF, 1 115 kB)
Dag Henning Jacobsen and Thea Birkeland Kloster

The IMF's stress testing of the Norwegian financial sector (PDF, 518 kB)
Jan Hagen, Arild Lund, Kjell Bjørn Nordal and Emil Steffensen

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The journal contained peer-reviewed articles written by Norges Bank employees and was published from 1973 to 2012. (1999-2012 available online)

ISSN 0029-1676 (printed), ISSN 1503-8831 (online)

Published 23 December 2005 10:25
Published 23 December 2005 10:25