Norges Bank

Economic Bulletin

Economic Bulletin 2/2008

Who is borrowing – for what – and can they afford it? A study of comprehensive micro data for Norwegian households through 2006
Bjørn Helge Vatne

Price-setting behaviour of Norwegian firms – results of a survey
Nina Langbraaten, Einar W. Nordbø and Fredrik Wulfsberg

Rising food prices – a driving force behind inflation?
Tove Katrine Sand and Bente Støholen

Stress testing of banks’ profit and capital adequacy
Henrik Andersen and Tor Oddvar Berge

Economic implications of copulas and extremes
Lorán Chollete

Transparency and central bank communication
Jan F. Qvigstad

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The journal contained peer-reviewed articles written by Norges Bank employees and was published from 1973 to 2012. (1999-2012 available online)

ISSN 0029-1676 (printed), ISSN 1503-8831 (online)

Published 20 November 2008 13:00