Norges Bank

Economic Bulletin

Economic Bulletin 2/2004


June 2004

Volume LXXV


Flexible inflation targeting (384 kB)
Jarle Bergo, Deputy Governor of Norges Bank

Trade-offs in monetary policy (38 kB)
Ingvild Svendsen and Øistein Røisland, Monetary Policy Department, and Kjetil Olsen, Economics Department

Upgrading and outsourcing Norges Bank's settlement system (353 kB)
Jon A. Solheim, Executive Director of Norges Bank Financial Stability, and Helge Strømme, Director of the Banking Department

Statistical annex (332 kB)

Economic Bulletin No. 2/2004 (complete issue) (1 251 kB)

The journal contained peer-reviewed articles written by Norges Bank employees and was published from 1973 to 2012. (1999-2012 available online)

ISSN 0029-1676 (printed), ISSN 1503-8831 (online)

Published 7 July 2004 13:16
Published 7 July 2004 13:16