Norges Bank

Economic Bulletin

Economic Bulletin 1/2006


April 2006




Economic perspectives (PDF, 1 150 kB)
Address by Svein Gjedrem, Governor of Norges Bank

Projections, uncertainty and choice of interest rate assumption in monetary policy (PDF, 402 kB)
Address by Jarle Bergo, Deputy Governor of Norges Bank

Financial stability and monetary policy - theory and practice (PDF, 268 kB)
Kjersti Haugland and Birger Vikøren

Collateral for loans from Norges Bank - new rules (PDF, 184 kB)
Bjørn Bakke and Håkon Tretvoll

Intraday liquidity and the settlement of large-value payments: a simulation-based analysis (PDF, 274 kB)
Asbjørn Enge and Frode Øverli

Coin issue to mark Ibsen Year (PDF, 92 kB)

Statistical annex >> (PDF, 103 kB)

Economic Bulletin No. 1/2006 (complete issue) >> (2 461 kB)

The journal contained peer-reviewed articles written by Norges Bank employees and was published from 1973 to 2012. (1999-2012 available online)

ISSN 0029-1676 (printed), ISSN 1503-8831 (online)

Published 5 May 2006 10:45
Published 5 May 2006 10:45