Norges Bank


Norges Bank’s strategy for 2017-19

Today, Norges Bank is publishing the overarching strategy for the central bank's activities over the next three years.

Norges Bank has been an important public institution, acting in the national interest, for 200 years. The Bank's mandate has changed over time, but its mission in terms of its central banking operations has always been to promote economic stability. For the past 20 years, the Bank has also managed substantial assets on behalf of the Norwegian people.

Low interest rates, moderate growth, increased data coverage, new technology, new and more secure banknotes, prevention of systemic risk and strengthened contingency planning are among the key words as Norges Bank embarks on a new three-year strategy period. Underlying these words is an aim to be a transparent, modern and innovative central bank, also in the international arena.

With 200 years of history behind us, we should have the professional capacity and experience to perform our tasks efficiently, even in a changing external and regulatory landscape. This strategic plan will help us to find new ways to interpret and understand our surroundings in the next three years.

Published 10 January 2017 14:30
Published 10 January 2017 14:30