FAQ - Gold reserves

  1. How large are the gold reserves in Norges Bank?
    Norges Bank has sold the gold bars in the central bank's gold reserves, with the exception of seven gold bars reserved for exhibition purposes and 3 ½ tons of gold coins that were part of the "gold transport" to England in 1940. Gold is no longer included in Norges Bank's international reserves.

  2. When was Norges Bank's gold sold?
    Norges Bank sold 33.5 tons of gold bars in the first quarter of 2004. See press release

  3. How much did Norges Bank receive for the gold?
    Revenues from the sale of gold totalled USD 447.4m, which is equivalent to approximately NOK 3.1bn.

  4. Can I buy gold in Norges Bank?
    No, if you want to buy gold coins you must contact a coin dealer. If you want to invest in gold, you may contact one of the larger banks.

  5. What is the price of one kilo of gold?
    The price varies. If you visit Statistics Norway's website, you will find the price of gold under "Spot prices metals".

  6. Gold transport in 1940: How large were the gold reserves that were taken to England?
    The gold shipment from Oslo on the morning of 9 April 1940 consisted of 818 cases weighing 40 kilos each, 685 cases weighing 25 kilos each and 39 kegs weighing 80 kilos each. The total shipment weighed 53 tonnes whereas the gold bars weighed about 48.8 tonnes. The value of the shipment in 1940-kroner was NOK 120 million. The assets were revalued and recorded at NOK 240 million in July 1940.
Published 4 April 2011 10:30