Norges Bank Education Centre

Can you learn about economics and have fun at the same time? We think so.

The Norges Bank Education Centre features an interactive role-playing game for upper secondary school students, where the challenge is to work together to resolve key economic issues.

The game, called "Horisont" (Horizon), takes participants on a thought experiment:

What if we remove all the fundamental building blocks of a modern economy – and then work together to build it back up again?

The game tests whether participants' grasp of economics is strong enough to help them restore a well-functioning economic system and whether they are able to make the right choices along the way, and shows them what the consequences are if they take a wrong turn.

The game lasts for two hours, with game participants competing individually, in teams and together against previous groups. The individual or team with the knowledge, courage and stamina to find and argue for the best solutions along the way will be the winner.

Published 14 November 2017 13:15
Edited 8 November 2016 12:50
Norges Bank Education Centre