Economic Bulletin

Economic Bulletin 2/2006

Number: 2/2006

July 2006




Review of the ECB's strategy and alternative approaches (updated version, 2006-07-20) (322 kB)
Jan F. Qvigstad

Norges Bank's management of cash inventories (383 kB)
Knut Are Aastveit and Thomas Kjørstad

Developments in household debt. An analysis of microdata for the period 1986 - 2003 (610 kB)
Magdalena D. Riiser and Bjørn Helge Vatne

Statistics on foreign exchange transactions - new insight into foreign exchange markets (391 kB)
Erik Meyer and Janett Skjelvik

Evaluation of Norges Bank's projections for 2005 (525 kB)
Erik Remy Åserud

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Published 24 August 2006 14:42