Norges Banks skriftserie / Occasional Papers No. 38

Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway – Part II

Øyvind Eitrheim, Jan T. Klovland and Jan F. Qvigstad (eds.)

 pdf-files Occasional paper 38 - front page

With the publication of Norges Bank Occasional Papers No 38 "Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway - Part II", Norges Bank completes its project of collecting and systematizing historical data of relevance for price stability and financial stability. The data series presented in this volume are complementary to the historical time series published in the first volume, a fact which is reflected in the name of the second volume. It has been the explicit purpose of the project to enhance the availability and to facilitate the use of historical data for economic research and analysis. Norges Bank has therefore made all data available in a downloadable format. The database will also be updated every year.

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