Research seminars 2012


  • Thursday 2 February
    Judit Montoriol Garriga (University of Autonoma Barcelona)
    Firms as Liquidity Providers: Evidence from the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis
  • Thursday 9 February
    Diemo Dietrich 
    (Luther University Halle-Wittenberg & Halle Institute for Economic Research)
    "Effects of bank capital regulation on loan contracts and corporate investment"

  • Thursday 1 March
    Wolf Wagner
     (Tilburg University)
    Sources of Liquidity and Liquidity Shortages (with Charles Kahn)

  • Tuesday 6 March
    Francis X. Diebold (U Penn)
    On the Network Topology of Variance Decompositions: Measuring the Connectedness of Financial Firms

  • Monday 12 March
    Sandra Eickmeier (Deutsche Bundesbank)
    How do credit supply shocks propagate internationally? A GVAR approach

  • Monday 19 March
    Marco Lombardi

  • Thursday 22 March
    Lars Norden (Erasmus University)

  • Monday 26 March
    Øistein Røisland
    (Norges Bank)
    Monetary Policy Decisions – Comparing Theory and “Inside” Information from MPC Members

  • Tuesday 27 March
    Nikolay Markov
    (Graduate Institute Geneva)
    Is the Taylor rule nonlinear? Empirical evidence from a semi-parametric modeling approach?

  • Monday 2 April
    Massimilano Caporin
    (U Padova)
    Stylized facts and information asymmetry on high frequency precious metals spot prices

  • Monday 16 April
    Karl Walenin
    (Sveriges Riksbank)
    Stylized (Arte)Facts on Sectoral Inflation

  • Tuesday 17 April
    Tony Doblas Madrid
    (Michigan State University)
    Credit fueled bubbles

  • Monday 23 April
    Samad Sarferaz
    (ETH Zürich)

  • Thursday 26 April
    Patrick Bolton
    Sovereign Default Risk and Bank Fragility in Financially Integrated Economies

  • Thursday 3 May
    Ricardo Lagos 
    Trade Dynamics in the Market for Federal Funds

  • Tuesday 8 May
    Jean Boivin
    (Bank of Canada)

  • Thursday 10 May
    Falko Fecht 
    Relationship Lending and Peer Monitoring: Evidence from Interbank Payment Data

  • Friday 11 May
    Luca Benati
    (University of Bern)

  • Monday 21 May
    Martin D.D. Evans
    (Georgetown U)
    Exchange Rate Dark Matter

  • Friday 25 May
    Harald Uhlig
     (U of Chicago)
    Dynamics of sovereign debt crises and bailouts

  • Thursday 31 May
    Romain Rancière
    (Paris School of Economics)
    Financial liberalization and allocative efficiency

  • Monday 4 June
    Nicolas Groshenny
    (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

  • Thursday 5 June
    Angelika Sachs 
    (University of Munich and Deutsche Bundesbank)
    Contagion in the Interbank Market and its Determinants

  • Thursday 7 June
    Douglas Gale 
    Taxes, Fire Sales and Optimal Capital Structure

  • Friday 8 June
    Yin-Wong Cheung
    (UC Santa Cruz)
    Exchange Rate Misalignment – The Case of the Chinese Renminbi

  • Monday 11 June
    Federico Ravenna
    (HEC Montreal)
    Screening and Labor Market Flows in a Model with Heterogeneous Agents

  • Thursday 14 June
    Helene Rey 
    The Financial Crisis and the Geography of Wealth Transfers

  • Monday 18 June
    Francesco Giavazzi
    (Universita' Bocconi)
    The Household Effects of government consumption

  • Tuesday 19 June
    Alejandro Justiniano
    (Chicago Fed)
    Monetary Policy Forward Guidance and the Business Cycle

  • Thursday 21 June
    Thomas Gehrig 
    (University of Vienna)
    Loan Sales and Screening Incentives

  • Monday 25 June
    Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe and Martin Uribe
    (Columbia University)
    Prudential Policy for Peggers
  • Thursday 28 June
    Kjell G. Nyborg
    (University of Zurich)
    Bank Bailout Menus

  • Monday 20 August
    Enrique Mendoza
    (Maryland University)
    Overborrowing, Financial Crises and 'Macro-prudential' Policy

  • Monday 3 September
    Marcelle Chauvet
    (University of California Riverside)
    Forecasting recessions
  • Thursday 6 September
    Günter Beck
    (U of Siegen)
    The risk-taking channel of monetary policy: Does banking heterogeneity matter?
  • Friday 14 September
    Francesco Drudi
    The Euro Crisis and the Role of the ECB
  • Monday 24 September
    Milan Nedeljkovic (National Bank of Serbia)
    Nonparametric test of conditional quantile independence with an application to banks' systemic risk
  • Monday 1 October
    Toni Ahnert (LSE)
    Illiquidity, over-diversification, and macroprudential regulation
  • Monday 8 October
    Craig Burnside
    Understanding the Profitability of Currency-Trading Strategies

  • Tuesday 9 October
    (University of Alabama)
    The Contribution of Economic Fundamentals to Movements in Exchange Rates
  • Monday 15 October
    Elvira Sojli & Wing Wah Tham
    Identifying the causal impact of policy uncertainty on asset prices
  • Monday 22 October
    Henrique Basso
    (Bank of Spain)
    Liquidity, Term Spreads and Monetary Policy

  • Monday 29 October
    Hans Holter
    Marriage Stability, Taxation, and Aggregate Labor Supply in the US vs. Europe
  • Monday 5 November
    Mark Girolami
    How a German Mathematician Assists an 18th Century Parson in Solving Modern-Day Econometric Problems
  • Monday 12 November
    Eleonora Granziera
    (Bank of Canada)
    A predictability Test for a Small Number of Nested Models
  • Monday 19 November
    Alessio Moro
    (University of Cagliari)
    Structural Change, Growth and Volatility
  • Monday 26 November
    Wolf Wagner
    Capital Gains Taxation and the Cost of Capital: Evidence from Unanticipated Cross-Border Transfers of Tax Bases
  • Wednesday 28 November
    Roberto Rigobon
    Distance and Political Boundaries: Estimating Boarder Effects under Inequality Constraints
  • 29-30 November
    Workshop: Understanding Macroprudential Regulation

  • Tuesday 4 December
    Dagfinn Rimme (Norges Bank)
    Currency Order Flow and Real-Time Macroeconomic Information
  • Tuesday 11 December
    Andre Kallåk Anundsen (UiO)
    Supply restrictions, aggressive lending products and regional US  housing prices
  • Monday 17 December
    Lars Lochstoer
    Portfolio Allocation under Model Uncertainty
  • Tuesday 18 December (canceled)
    Cristina Fuentes Albero (Rutgers University)
    Identification of financial shocks 


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