Research seminars 2009

  • Monday 19 January
    Kjell Nyborg, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
    "The Price of Liquidity: Bank Characteristics and Market Conditions"
  • Monday 26 January
    Dimitrios Tsomocos, Univ. of Oxford
    "The Optimal Monetary Instrument for Prudential Purposes"
  • Wednesday 4 February
    Eugene White, Rutgers University
    "The Great American Real Estate Bubble of the 1920s: Causes and Consequences"
  • Wednesday 18 February
    Michiel de Pooter, Federal Reserve Board
    “Correlation in Turbulent Times”
  • Monday 2 March
    Raf  Wouters, National Bank of Belgium
    "Estimating a medium-scale DSGE model with expectations based on small forecasting models"
  • Monday 9 March
    Henrik Borchgrevink, University of Oslo
    "What case should you bring to court to alter precedent in your favour - a strong or a weak case?"
  • Monday 16 March
    Junior Maih, Norges Bank
    "Conditional forecasts in DSGE models"
  • Tuesday 24 March
    Atif Mian, Chicago GSB
    "The Political Economy of the U.S. Mortgage Default Crisis"
  • Monday 30 March
    Michael Krause, Deutsche Bundesbank
    "Wage Dynamics in Europe and the United States" 
  • Monday 4 May
    Alexander Kriwoluzky, EUI
    "Preannouncement and timing. The effect of a government expenditure shock"
  • Monday 11 May 
    Katrin Rabitsch, Central European University
    "Capital liberalization and the US external imbalance"
  • Wednesday 13 May 
    Alexander Wolman, Richmond Fed
    "State-dependent pricing"
  • Monday 18 May
    Helmut Lütkepohl, EUI
    "Structural Vector Autoregressions with Markov Switching"
  • Monday 25 May
    Hans Dewachter, University of Leuven
    "Extended Macro-Finance Models of the Yield Curve"
  • Tuesday 2 June
    Peter Stella, IMF
    "The Federal Reserve System Balance Sheet – What Happened and Why it Matters"
  • Monday 8 June
    Antonella Trigari, Bocconi University
    "Interpreting Wage Cyclicality of New Hires"
  • Monday 15 June
    Ricardo Nunes, FED Board of Governors and Davide Debertoli, University of California San Diego
    "The macroeconomic effects of external pressures on monetary policy"
  • Tuesday 16 June 
    Bruce Mizrach, Rutgers University
    "Jump and Cojump Risk in Subprime Home Eduity Derivatives"
  • Wednesday 17 June
    Kaiji Chen, University of Oslo
     “Financial Frictions on Capital Allocation: A Transmission Mechanism of TFP Fluctuations”
  • Monday 22 June
    Francesco Zanetti, Bank of England
    "Labor market reform and price stability: an application to the Euro Area"
  • Wednesday 24 June 11.30 - 12.30
    Anamaria Pieschacon, Stanford University
    "Oil Booms and Their Impact Through Fiscal Policy"
  • Monday 29 June 
    Carsten Trenkler, University of Mannheim
    "Codependence in Error Correction Adjustment"
  • Wednesday 9 September
    John Leahy, New York University
    “Monetary Policy and Asset Prices (revisited)”
  • Monday 14 September 
    Carlo Altavilla, University of Naples
    “The Effects of Monetary Policy on Unemployment Dynamics Under Model Uncertainty: Evidence from the US and the Euro Area”
  • Monday 21 September
    Kimmo Soramaki, Helsinki Uni. of Technology
    "Is network theory the best hope for regulating systemic risk?"
  • Monday 28 September
    Massimo Guidolin, St. Louis Fed
    "Regime Shifts in Empirical Pricing Kernels: A Mixture CAPM"
  • Monday 05 October
    Elmar Mertens, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
    "Commitments, Discreetnes and Discretion of Policymakers with Private Information"
  • Wednesday 07 October
    Thijs Van Rens, CREI-UPF
    The Vanishing Procyclicality of Labor Productivity
  • Monday 12 October
    Marc Flandreau, CEPR and The Graduate Institute, Geneva
  • Monday 19 October
    Carlos Carvalho, New York Fed
    "Sectoral Price Facts in a Sticky-Price Model"
  • Thursday 22 October 11.30–12.30
    Ulf Söderström, Sveriges Riksbank
    ”Estimating potential output in a modern business cycle model”.
  • Monday 26 October
    Richard Priestley, Norwegian School of Management
    "Real Investment and Risk Dynamics"
  • Monday 02 November
    Stefan Schmitz, Austrian Central Bank
    "Examining Stability of the Interbank Payment System – Austrian Evidence"
  • Monday 09 November
    Gernot Doppelhofer, NHH
    "Determinants of Financial Crises"
  • Monday 16 November 
    Kristina Molnar, NHH and Norges Bank
    "Surveys and Econometricians.  When can surveys beat econometricians in forecasting inflation?"
  • Monday 23 November
    Michael Elsby, Univ. of Michigan
    "Unemployment Dynamics in the OECD"
  • Monday 30 November
    Steven Ongena, Tiburg University
    "Credit Availability: Identifying Balance-Sheet Channels with Loan Applications and Granted Loans"
  • Monday 14 December
    Erlend Nier, IMF
    "Financial stability frameworks and the role of central banks - Lessons from the crisis"
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