Research seminars 2008

Monday 14 January
Carsten Trenkler, University of Mannheim:
“Bootstrapping Systems Cointegration Tests”

Tirsdag 15 January
Gisle Natvik, University of Oslo and Norges Bank
Voting on Government Production

Monday 21 January
Albert Menkveld, Free University of Amsterdam:
"Discovering the Equilibrium Riskfree Rate"

Tuesday 22 January 10.30 - 11.30
Aurora Ascione, European University Institute:
"Non price competition and exchange rate pass-through"

Thursday 24 January 11.30 - 12.30
Pelin Ilbas, Catholic University of Leuven:
"Revealing the preferences of the US Federal Reserve"

Friday 25 January 11.30 - 12.30
Marta Arespa Castello, European University Institute and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona:
" A New Open Economy Macroeconomic (NOEM) Model with Endogenous Portfolio Diversification and Firm Entry"

Monday 28 January
Reinout de Bock, Northwestern University
"Imported capital goods and emerging markets business cycles"

Onsdag 30. januar 10.00 - 11.00
Damjan Pfajfar, University of Cambridge
"Asymmetries in inflation expectation formation across demographic groups"

Thursday 7 February 12.30 - 13.30
Renato Faccini, EUI
"Reassessing labor market reforms: temporary contracts as a screening device"

Friday 8 February 11.30 - 12.30
Elif Arbatli, Johns Hopkins University
"Futures markets, commodity prices and the intertemporal approach to the current account"

Monday 11 February
Kevin Lansing, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco:
"Time-Varying U.S. Inflation Dynamics and the New Keynesian Phillips Curve"

Tuesday 12 February
Eugene White, Rutgers:
"Lessons from the History of Bank Examination and Supervision in the United States, 1863-2007"

Monday 18 February
Aksel Mjøs, SNF
"Norwegian companies´ capital structure"

Monday 25 February
Kimmo Soramäki, Helsinki University of Technology:
”Competition, bargaining power and pricing in two sided markets”

Friday 29 February
Lars Heikensten
"Coming of age: report on the euro area"

Monday 3 March 
Eric Girardin, GREQAM, Marseille:
”Do interventions alter private behavior?”

Monday 10 March
Michel de Pooter, Erasmus University Rotterdam
"Examining the Nelson-Siegel Class of Term Structure Models: In-sample fit versus out-of-sample forecasting performance"

Monday 17 March 
Helmut Herwartz, University of Kiel:
”Dynamic features of international breakeven inflation rates”

Monday 31 March
Andrew Harvey, University of Cambridge
"Modelling the Phillips Curve with Unobserved Components"

Wednesday 2 April
Jennifer Castle, Oxford University:
"Forecasting, Structural Breaks and Non-linearities"

Monday 7 April 
Matthias Drehmann, BIS:
”Measuring Funding Liquidity Risk”

Wednesday 9 April
Martin Seneca, University of Aarhus
"Labour market asymmetries in a monetary union"

Monday 14 April 
Martin Ellison, University of Warwick:
"Inflation and output volatility under asymmetric incomplete information"

Monday 28 April
Kirsten Bonde Rørdam, University of Copenhagen
"Network in interbank markets "

Monday 28 April
David De Antonio Liedo, Université Libre de Bruxelles
"How Many Shocks?"

Friday 9 Mai
Charles Kahn, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
"Endogenous Financial Fragility and Prudential Regulation"

Monday 19 May
Mardi Dungey, University of Cambridge
"Are all crisis alike?"

Thursday 22 May 
Luis Viceira, Harvard Business School
"Inflation Bets or Deflation Hedges? The Changing Risks of Nominal Bonds"

Monday 26 May
Giorgio Valente, University of Leicester
"Fx Arbitrage and Market Liquidity in Emerging Markets: Some Evidence from Hong Kong Tick Data"

Monday 2 June
Angelo Ranaldo, Swiss National Bank
"Segmentation and Time-of-Day Patterns in Foreign Exchange Markets"

Monday 9 June
Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe, University of Oslo
"Manufacturing restructuring and the role of real exchange rate shocks: a firm level analysis"

Thursday 12 June
Gregory De Walque, NBB and University of Namur
"Inflation dynamics with search and matching in the labor market: a survey of alternative specifications".

Monday 16 June
Alessandro Flamini, Keele University
"Central bank preferences, distribution forecasts and economic stability in a small open economy"

Monday 23 June
Richard Clarida, Columbia University
"Is Bad News about Inflation Good News for The Exchange Rate?"

Monday 30 June
Roman Frydman, New York University
"Why macroeconomic theory cannot ignore the limits to knowledge"

Monday 11 August
Karel Mertens, Cornell University
"The Aggregate Effects of Anticipated and Unanticipated U.S. Tax Policy Shocks: Theory and Empirical Evidence"

Monday 18 August
Carl Andreas Claussen, Norges Bank
"MPCs and the optimal power of the chairman"

Monday 25 August
David Llewellyn, Loughborough University
"Northern Rock"

Monday 15 September
Steven Ongena, Tilburg University
"The effects of monetary policy on credit risk-taking by banks"

Monday 22 September
Richhild Moessner, BIS
"Central bank policy rate guidance and financial market functioning"

Tuesday 23 September 10.30 - 11.30
Jean Boivin, HEC Montreal
"Optimal Monetary Policy in a Data-Rich Environment"

Monday 29 September
Thorvaldur Gylfason, University of Iceland
"Growing apart? A tale of two republics: Estonia and Georgia"

Monday 6 October
Nikolay Iskrev, Bank of Portugal
"How much do we learn from the estimation of DSGE models? A case study of identification issues in a New Keynesian business cycle model"

Monday 13 October
Fredrik Wulfsberg, Norges Bank
"Price adjustments and inflation" 

Monday 20 October
Michael Massmann, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
"Inference in models with adaptive learning, with an application to the New Keynesian Phillips Curve"

Tuesday 28 October 10.30 - 11.30
Georg Dűrnecker, EUI
"Technology Adoption, Turbulence and the Dynamics of Unemployment"

Monday 10 November
Matteo Ciccarelli, ECB
"Information combination and forecast (st)ability, evidence from vintages of data"

Monday 24 November
Fredrik Wulfsberg, Norges Bank
"Wage rigidity and inflation"

Monday 1 December
Nicolas Groshenny, Bocconi University
"Evaluating an equilibrium business cycle model with sticky prices and unemployment"

Wednesday 3 December 11.30 - 12.30
Philip Rothman, East Carolina University
"An Empirical Investigation of Stock Market Behavior in the Middle East and North Africa"

Monday 8 December
Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe, University of Oslo
"The Nobel Prize in Economics to Paul Krugman: International trade and the location of economic activity"

Monday 15 December
Kristoffher Nymark, CREI
"Non-nested information sets and the term structure of interest rates"

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