Research seminars 2007

Monday 17 December
Eirik G. Kristiansen, NHH:
”The Nobel Price in Economics 2007: Mechanism Design”

Monday 10 December
Jan F. Qvigstad, PPO and Olav Bjerkholt, UiO:
”Ragnar Frisch and his pamphlet from 1933: "Saving and Circulation Regulation"”

Thursday 29 November
Lasse Pedersen, New York University:
"Liquidity Risk: A Report from an Academic in the Trenches"

Monday 26 November
Martin Cihak, IMF:
"The Design of Stress Tests for the Financial Sector".

Monday 19 November
Lorán Chollete, NHH:
”The nature and causes of extreme events: An application to subprime spillovers”

Monday 12 November
Olga Andreeva, Kredittilsynet:
"Loan contracts under borrowers' tax evasion: the case of Russia"

Monday 5 November
Inaki Rodriguez, University of Tromsø:
”A Theory of Inefficient Quotes. Empirical Evidence in Options Markets” 

Monday 29 October
Henrik Jensen, Københavns Universitet

Monday 15 October
Meenakshi Rajeev, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore:
”Financial Sector Reform and the Indian Banking Sector (Special Reference to Non Performing Assets)”

Monday 22 October
Gabriela Guibourg, Sveriges Riksbank:
”The Costs of Paying – private and social costs of cash and card payments”

Monday 1 October
Klaus Mohn, Universitetet i Stavanger:
”A tale of two stories: Oil and gas company investment 1992-2005"

Monday 24 September
Thomas Lubik, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond: 
”On-the-Job Search and the Cyclical Dynamics of the Labor Market”

Monday 10 September
Dagfinn Rime, Norges Bank:
”Exchange rate forecasting, order flow and macroeconomic information”

Wednesday 5 September
Francisco J. Ruge-Murcia, Université de Montréal:

Monday 13 August
Jón Steinsson, Columbia University

Thursday 5 July
Simon van Norden, HEC Montreal:
”Modeling Data Revisions: Measurement Error and Dynamics of "True" values”

Monday 18 June
Knut Sydsæter, UiO:
”Spredte matematiske betraktninger”

Monday 11 June
Paolo Vitale, Universit`a D’Annunzio and CEPR:
The impact of FX intervention on FX markets: A market microstructure analysis

Monday 4 June
Anna Pavlova, LBS:
“The role of portfolio constraints in the international propagation of shocks”

Monday 21 May
Knut Sandal, FIM:
"Bankkrisen i Norge 1988-1992 - Hva du bør vite om bankkrisen"

Monday 14 May
Luca Sala, IGIER Bocconi:
"Forecasting the term structure of interest rates"

Monday 7 May
Roman Sustek, Bank of England:
"Inflation, the nominal interest rate and economic fluctuations: The business cycle accounting perspective"

Monday 23 April
Lutz Kilian, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor:
"Not all oil price shocks are alike: Disentangling demand and supply shocks in the crude oil market"

Tuesday 27 March 11.15 am - 12.30 pm
Charles Wyplosz, Graduate Institute of International Studies:
"On interest rate publication"

Monday 19 March
Ester Faia, Universitat Pompeu Fabra:
"Optimal monetary policy with labor market frictions"

Monday 5 March
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe and Martin Uribe, Duke University:
"Optimal inflation stabilization in a medium-scale macroeconomic model".

Monday 19 February
Francesco Furlanetto, University of Lausanne:
"Optimal monetary policy with labor market frictions"

Monday 5 February
Virginia Queijo von Heideken, IIES Stockholm
"Monetary Policy Regimes and the Volatility of Long-Term Interest Rates"

Monday 29 January
Robert Hall, Stanford University:
"How much do we understand about booms and recessions?"

Thursday 25 January, 11.00 - 12.00 am
Charles Goodhart, LSE:
"Searching for a metric for financial stability"

Monday 22 January
Nancy Masschelein, National Bank of Belgium:
"Credit risk concentration"

Monday 15 January
Fredrik Wilander, ECON:
"The currency denomination of exports - a questionnaire study"

Monday 8 January
Kjell Bjørn Nordal, FA:
"Banks' optimal implementation strategies for a risk sensitive regulatory rule: a real options and signalling approach"

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