PhD internship program

Norges Bank’s PhD internship program is directed toward PhD-students who are specializing within macroeconomics, banking and finance.  Internships will normally last three months. Interns are expected to collaborate closely with other researchers at Norges Bank, with the aim to pursue a project until publication in an international academic journal.

Candidates should be well into their PhD-studies, beyond the stage of early year PhD-courses. Selection for internship positions will be based on a project proposal of 2-5 pages, as well as CV, references and ongoing research. The proposal serves to ensure that the research interests of selected candidates align with the interests of Norges Bank.

During their stay, interns are expected to give at least one seminar, and to interact with both policy staff and fellow researchers. Co-authorship with Norges Bank staff is strongly encouraged. Within one year of starting the internship, the internship project should result in a Norges Bank Working Paper.

Accepted interns will have their travel costs to Norway covered, and receive a salary that covers accommodation and other costs of living in Norway.

Internships are posted on Norges Bank vacancies web page. Applications are conducted electronically.

Since 2012 we have had the following interns/projects:

Published papers:

  • Nikola Mirkov (St Gallen University): Announcements of Interest Rate Forecasts: Do Policymakers Stick to Them?, joint with Gisle J. Natvik, Norges Bank Working Paper 11/2013. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, forthcoming.

Working papers and work in progress:

  • Francesca Loria (European University Institute): Internship in progress. Joint work with Knut Are Aastveit and Francesco Furlanetto.
  • Pinho Ribeiro (University of Glasgow): Forecasting commodity currencies: the role of fundamentals with short-lived predictive content, joint with Claudia Foroni and Francesco Ravazzolo. Norges Bank Working Paper 14/2015.
  • Antoine Lepetit (Paris School of Economics): Labor Supply Factors and Economic Fluctuations, joint with Claudia Foroni and Francesco Furlanetto. Norges Bank Working Paper 2015/7. Submitted.
  • Barbara Sadaba (Erasmus University Rotterdam): Assessing the Predictability Ability of Sovereign Default Risk on Exchange Rates Returns, joint with Claudia Foroni and Francesco Ravazzolo. Work in progress.
  • Thomas Siemsen (Ludwig-Maximilians University): Stress Testing in a Structural Model of Bank Behavior, joint with Dean Corbae, Pablo D'Erasmo, Sigurd Galaasen and Alfonso Irarrazabal. Work in progress.
  • Jiaxiong Yao (Johns Hopkins University): Dissecting the Dynamics of Debt and Savings, joint with Andreas Fagereng and Gisle J. Natvik. Work in progress.
  • Juan Carlos Parra (Aarhus University): Time-varying disaster risk models: an empirical assessment of the Rietz-Barro hypothesis, joint with Alfonso Irarrazabal. CREATES Research Paper 2015-08.
  • Rosen Valchev (Duke University): A structural estimation of a heterogeneous information model of exchange rates, joint with Alfonso Irarrazabal and Dagfinn Rime. Work in progress.
  • Sergio Sola (Geneva University): Economic Uncertainty and the Effectiveness of Economic Policy, joint with Knut Are Aastveit and Gisle J. Natvik Norges Bank WP 17/2013. Submitted.
  • Marzie T. Sanjani (London Business School). Output Gap in Presence of Financial Fricitions and Monetary Policy Trade-offs, joint with Francesco Furlanetto and Paolo Gelain, IMF working paper 14/128.
Published 25 September 2012 14:00
Edited 6 October 2014 10:08