Øistein Røisland

Øistein Røisland

E-mail: oistein.roisland@norges-bank.no

Phone: + 47 22 31 67 39
Fax: + 47 22 42 40 62
Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway)
Monetary Policy Department
Bankplassen 2
P.O.Box 1179 Sentrum
0107 Oslo, Norway

Øistein Røisland is Research Director in the Monetary policy department of Norges Bank. Røisland obtained his PhD at the University of Oslo in 2000. He joined the Norges Bank in 1998.

Research interests

Røisland's research interests are within macroeconomic theory, monetary policy, and decision theory. His recent research focuses on monetary policy committees (MPCs).

Work in progress/recent working papers

  • "Monetary Policy Decisions – Comparing Theory and “Inside” Information from MPC Members" (with Mikael Apel, Carl Andreas Claussen, Petra Gerlach-Kristen and Petra Lennartsdotter). 
  • "The Influence of the Taylor rule on US Monetary Policy" (with Pelin Ilbas and Tommy Sveen)
  • "Robustifying Optimal Policy Using Simple Rules as Cross-Checks" (with Pelin Ilbas and Tommy Sveen)

Selected pulbications

  • "Overconfidence, Monetary Policy Committees and Chairman Dominance" (with Carl Andreas Claussen, Egil Matsen and Ragnar Torvik). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 81, 2012, 699-711.
  • “Interest Rate Smoothing and “Calvo-Type” Interest Rate Rules: A Comment on Levine, McAdam, and Pearlman” (with Ida Wolden Bache and Kjersti Næss Torstenssen). International Journal of Central Banking 7, 2011, 79-90.
  • “Why do people place lower weight on advice far from their own initial opinion?” (with Francesco Ravazzolo). Economics Letters 112, 2011, 63-66.      
  • “A Quantitative Discursive Dilemma” (with Carl Andreas Claussen). Social Choice and Welfare 35, 2010, 49–64.
  • "Inflation Inertia and the Optimal Hybrid Inflation/Price-Level Target". Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 38, 2006, 2247-2251.
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