Working Papers 2008

2008/25 Asymmetric information in the interbank foreign exchange market , By Geir H. Bjønnes, Carol L. Osler and Dagfinn Rime, (Research Department)
2008/24 The role of house prices in the monetary policy transmission mechanism in the U.S. , By Hilde C. Bjørnland and Dag Henning Jacobsen, (Research Department)
2008/23 Estimating the output gap in real time: A factor model approach , By Knut Are Aastveit and Tørres G. Trovik, (Research Department)
2008/22 Combining inflation density forecasts , By Christian Kascha and Francesco Ravazzolo, (Research Department)
2008/21 Revealing the preferences of the US Federal Reserve , by Pelin Ilbas, (Research Department)
2008/20 Communicating monetary policy intentions: The case of Norges Bank , by Amund Holmsen, Jan F. Qvigstad, Øistein Røisland and Kristin Solberg-Johansen, (Monetary Policy Department)
2008/19 Does the law of one price hold in international financial markets? Evidence from tick data , by Q. Farooq Akram, Dagfinn Rime and Lucio Sarno, (Research Department)
2008/18 The price puzzle: Mixing the temporary and permanent monetary policy shocks , by Ida Wolden Bache and Kai Leitemo, (Monetary Policy Department)
2008/17 RBCs and DSGEs: The computational approach to business cycle theory and evidence , by Özer Karagedikli, Troy Matheson, Christie Smith and Shaun Vahey, (Research Department)
2008/16 Oil price shocks and stock market booms in an oil exporting country , by Hilde C. Bjørnland, (Research Department)
2008/15 How does monetary policy respond to exchange rate movements? New international evidence , by Hilde C. Bjørnland and Jørn I. Halvorsen, (Research Department)
2008/14 Monetary policy under the gold standard - examining the case of Norway, 1893-1914 , by Lars Fredrik Øksendal, (Norges Bank´s bicentenary project)
2008/13 The dynamics of operating income in the Norwegian banking sector , by Henrik Andersen, Sigbjørn Atle Berg and Eilev S. Jansen, (Financial Markets Department)
2008/12 Commodity prices, interest rates and the dollar , by Q. Farooq Akram, (Research Department)
2008/11 Liquidity and the business cycle , Randi Næs, Johannes A. Skjeltorp and Bernt Arne Ødegaard, (Research Department)
2008/10 Fiscal shocks and real rigidities , by Francesco Furlanetto and Martin Seneca, (Research Department)
2008/9 Liquidity at the Oslo Stock Exchange , by Randi Næs, Johannes A. Skjeltorp and Bernt Arne Ødegaard, (Research Department)
2008/8 The power of weather. Some empirical evidence on predicting day-ahead power prices through weather forecasts , by Christian Huurman, Francesco Ravazzolo and Chen Zhou, (Research Department)
2008/7 Does monetary policy react to asset prices? Some international evidence , By Francesco Furlanetto, (Research Department)
2008/6 On the design of monetary policy committees , by Alan S. Blinder, (Norges Bank Monetary Policy)
2008/5 Business cycle analysis and VARMA models , by Christian Kascha and Karel Mertens, (Research Department)
2008/4 Identifying the interdependence between US monetary policy and the stock market , by Hilde C. Bjørnland and Kai Leitemo , (Economics Department)
2008/3 The risk components of liquidity , by Lorán Chollete, Randi Næs and Johannes A. Skjeltorp, (Research Department)
2008/2 Failure prediction of Norwegian banks: A Logit approach , Henrik Andersen, (Financial Markets Department)
2008/1 Combining forecast densities from VARs with uncertain instabilities , Anne Sofie Jore, James Mitchell and Shaun P. Vahey, (Economics Department)