2006 Working Papers

20/12/2006 Model selection for monetary policy analysis – Importance of empirical validity , 548 kB, Q. Farooq Akram and Ragnar Nymoen, (Research Department)
12/12/2006 Banks’ optimal implementation strategies for a risk sensitive regulatory capital rule: a real options and signalling approach , pdf, 402 kB, Kjell Bjørn Nordal, (Research Department)
12/12/2006 Government spending and the Taylor principle , pdf, 422 kB, Gisle James Natvik, (Research Department)
23/10/2006 Managing uncertainty through robust-satisficing monetary policy , pdf, 401 kB, Q. Farooq Akram, Yakov Ben-Haim and Øyvind Eitrheim, (Research Department)
18/09/2006 U.S. banking deregulation, small businesses, and interstate insurance of personal income , pdf, 545 kB, Yuliya Demyanyk, Charlotte Ostergaard and Bent E. Sørensen, (Research Department)
17/09/2006 Pursuing financial stability under an inflation-targeting regime , pdf, 388 kB, Q. Farooq Akram, Gunnar Bårdsen and Kjersti-Gro Lindquist, (Research Department)
31/08/2006 Flexible inflation targeting and financial stability: Is it enough to stabilise inflation and output? , pdf, 509 kB, Q. Farooq Akram and Øyvind Eitrheim, (Research Department) (Rev. June 2007)
30/05/2006 Firm-specific capital, nominal rigidities, and the Taylor principle , pdf, 270 kB, Tommy Sveen and Lutz Weinke, (Research Department)
09/05/2006 When does an interest rate path “look good”? Criteria for an appropriate future interest rate path , pdf, 209 kB, Jan F. Qvigstad, (Norges Bank Monetary Policy)
18/04/2006 Price-level determinacy, lower bounds on the nominal interest rate, and liquidity traps , pdf, 368, Ragna Alstadheim and Dale Henderson, (Research Department)
18/04/2006 Firm-specific capital and welfare , pdf, 303 kB, Tommy Sveen and Lutz Weinke, (Research Department)
17/03/2006 Forecasting inflation with an uncertain output gap , pdf, 364 kB, Hilde C. Bjørnland, Leif Brubakk and Anne Sofie Jore, (Economics Department) (Rev. ed. August 2007)
20/02/2006 Evaluation of macroeconomic models for financial stability analysis , pdf, 292 kB, Gunnar Bårdsen, Kjersti-Gro Lindquist and Dimitrios P. Tsomocos, (Research Department)