Working Papers 1996


1996/09 Eika, Kari H, Neil R. Ericsson og Ragnar Nymoen
Hazards in implementing a monetary conditions index
1996/08 Mundaca, B. Gabriela
A Drift of the "Drift Adjustment Method"
1996/07 Mundaca, B. Gabriela, Ole Bjørn Røste og Siri Valseth
The Dynamics of the Correlations between the short- and long-run Interest Rates in the Nordic Counties and Germany
1996/06 Bernhardsen, Tom
A Test of Uncovered Interest Rate Parity for some EMS countries
1996/05 Bernhardsen, Tom
Devaluation Expectations and Macroeconomic Variables: A Critical Evaluation of the Literature
1996/04 Vale, Bent
Firm's Inventory Investments, Financial Conditions and the Banking Crisis in Norway
1996/03 Ovesen, Vidar
Valutaspekulasjon innenfor et valutakursbåndregime og et styrt flytende kursregime
1996/02 Berg, Sigbjørn Atle
Central Bank Auctions of Deposit Certificates
1996/01 Hammersland, Roger
The Structure of Exports. An empirical analysis on Norwegian data
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