Working Papers

Working papersNorges Bank’s working papers present research projects and reports that are generally not in their final form. Other analyses by Norges Bank’s economists are also included in the series. The views and conclusions in these documents are those of the authors.

Norges Bank’s Working Papers are also distributed by RepEc, SSRN and BIS Central Bank Research Hub.

ISSN 1502-8143 (online)

2014/04 Sectoral interdependence and business cycle synchronization in small open economies , By Drago Bergholt and Tommy Sveen, (Norges Bank Research)
2014/03 OPEC's market power: An empirical dominant firm model for the oil market , By Rolf Golombek, Alfonso A. Irarrazabal and Lin Ma, (Norges Bank Research)
2014/02 Forecasting recessions in real time , Knut Are Aastveit, Anne Sofie Jore and Francesco Ravazzolo, (Monetary Policy)
2014/01 Mixed frequency structural VARs , By Claudia Foroni and Massimiliano Marcellino, (Norges Bank Research)