Workshop on Nonlinear Models in Macroeconomics and Finance for an Unstable World

26 – 27 January 2018, Oslo

Call for Papers

Norges Bank and Centre for Applied Macro and Petroleum economics (CAMP) at BI organizes a workshop with the purpose of bringing together economists from a variety of fields who share interests in the macro-modeling of nonlinearities and time variation.

The organizers are especially interested in contributions discussing challenges brought forward by emerging issues in macro and finance after the financial crisis and their implications for policymakers and macro modelers.

Confirmed presenters are: Tao Zha, Fabio Canova, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Michel Julliard and Jesper Lindé.

Interested presenters should submit a paper to before 27 November , 2017.

Program Committee:

  • Hilde C. Bjørnland (BI Norwegian Business School and Norges Bank)
  • Junior Maih (Norges Bank and BI Norwegian Business School)
  • Daniel F. Waggoner (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
Published 16 October 2017 10:20

About the Workshop